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This traditional dustpan and brush set is made from lacquered beech wood and black horsehair mixed with some synthetic fibres.

The neat narrow brush reaches into tricky corners, and the thick bristles pick up every crumb and piece of dirt. The straight sided dustpan is made from steel sheet, and has a deep back so you can tip your dustpan back to prevent spillages while you take it to the bin.

The dustpan and brush were designed by interior and fabric designers ‘Mr. And Mrs. Clynk’, in partnership with Andrée Jardin.


Andrée Jardin brushes are all made with locally sourced beech and heat-treated ash from sustainably managed forests. The bristles are largely made of natural materials – mainly white hog bristle, horsehair or plant fibres. Everything is produced in small batches, using artisanal techniques learned from founder Georges-René Julio, who started his career in brush-making 100 years ago in Nantes. Georges-René opened his first brush factory in 1947, which he named Brosserie Juilo. He went on to marry Andrée Jardin, who is the company’s namesake today. Georges-René and Andrée’s grandchildren Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie run the family business today, producing beautifully crafted brushes and brooms for busy modern life. The two brothers renamed the company Andrée Jardin in 2012, to honour their much loved grandmother.


24cm (w) x 34cm (h) x 5cm (d)


Designed by Mr & Mrs Clynk for Andrée Jardin Expertly crafted by skilled artisans in France Features horsehair bristles and a beech body

Andree Jardin Traditional Dustpan & Brush (White)

€ 59,00Prezzo
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