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Original poster from 1987/1988 for the Le Corbusier exhibition in Tilburg, the Netherlands

72cm x 45,5cm

Hand framed in raw wood (oak) by a French craftsman


Maison Guiette 1926:

Maison Guiette also known as Les Peupliers, is a house in Antwerp, Belgium, designed by Le Corbusier in 1926 and built in 1927. It was the studio and living quarters of René Guiette, a painter and art critic. One of the Franco-Swiss architect's lesser-known works, it is an early example of the International Style.


Plan Linkeroever 1933:

In 1933, Le Corbusier participated in an international competition to design a new, modern city for the Linkeroever (‘Left Bank’) in Antwerp. He wanted to build an ideal city, a ‘Ville Radieuse’, or ‘Radiant City’. However, the competition ended with no winners, therefore Le Corbusier’s plans were never implemented.

Original poster from 1987/88 for the Le Corbusier exhibition in the Netherlands

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