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Poster advertisement for the New York City Marathon featuring an illustration of the Twin Towers with figures running up and down the towers.


Printed text below the image reads: "The New York City Marathon | Sunday, November 6th, 1994. Mercedes-Benz celebrates 25 years of one of the world's toughest road tests."


Artist: Cutler 
In perfect condition.

94cm x 64cm


Soon after it was built, the World Trade Center, and specifically the Twin Towers, took on iconic status. Although initially criticized for their architecture of "gigantism," the two soaring towers soon became a landmark, looming large in the public imagination as an icon of New York City’s audacity and vitality. They were seen as a symbol of America itself—a place of possibilities and dreams that defied limitation.

Poster of the 25th edition of the New York Marathon depicting the twin towers.

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